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First, the company's objectives and objectives:
People-oriented, development and innovation, to provide customers with the benefits of maximizing the automation equipment and services.
1, people-oriented:
1) internal management people-oriented: human management;
2) Customer-oriented: fully understand and understand the difficulties and problems of customers;
3) The people-oriented products: the maximum realization of the operation, maintenance of human nature and friendly to the environment.
2, development:
1) more and more customers;
2) the quality of workers is getting higher and higher;
3) The company strength is getting stronger and stronger.
3, innovation:
1) the constant innovation of technology and products;
2) continuous innovation in management systems and methods;
3) service concept, methods and performance on the constant innovation
4, to maximize benefits:
1) less people, high efficiency, high degree of automation. - High efficiency
2) the cost of purchase cost-effective, low operating costs. - Economy
3) high reliability, long life. - Reliable

Second, the company spirit: unity, progress, pragmatic and innovative
Unity: a clear goal, the division of labor
Aggressive: never satisfied, and progress
Pragmatic: diligent and pragmatic, pay attention to results
Innovation: dare to act, beyond the self